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Vander has his OFA health clearances!

Excellent hips, Normal elbows, Clear eyes/clear CEA, Normal thyroid, and Normal Cardiac.

Northwest Bearded Collie Club of Puget Sound, July 29, 2016

Vander finishes his championship in style, going WD, BOW (5pt major)  and Best in Sweeps.  Thank you Judge Roger Hartinger



Santa Maria Kennel, July 10, 2016

Thank you Judge Patricia Trotter for this wonderful WD and BOW (major win) award.


OFA Prelim (1yr) Excellent Hips and Normal Elbows



June 10th, 2016 Palm Springs Kennel Club Group 1 Puppy

with Judge Mrs. Liz Bianchi


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2015 NWBCCPS & BCCA Olympia Washington




Tuesday, Sept 22, 2015, Regional in Washington State;  Northwest Bearded Collie Club of Puget Sound

“Now and Then Vanderbilt with McCrystal” (Vander)

won 1st place in his 6-9 month puppy class regular class in front of Judge Ian Copus and

1st place in Sweeps 6-9 month puppy class in front  of Judge Ruth  Colavecchio


***Wed, Sept 23, The BCCA National Sweeps 6-9 month class, he placed 2nd   in front of Judge Cathy Goetz

***Thursday Sept 24, The BCCA National regular 6-9 month classes, he placed 2nd in front of Judge Gail Bisher

Thank you Judges for these honors, it was a delight to have Vander show so well for his first time out, he was extremely happy.

Thank you Lauren Hay-Lafitt for showing Vander so well, you truly make a great team!






Introducing our newest addition,


Now and Then Vanderbilt with McCrystal

Vander made a very brave journey from Germany, under the care of our good friend Melanie Portz, whom I will never be able to thank enough for taking such good care of him.  His trip in a crate was approximately 15 hrs, one stop in Frankfurt.

I picked up Melanie & Vander at LAX airport. We both looked at each other and looked at Vander and started crying.  It was such a joy to see such a happy content puppy after such a long trip.   We stopped by a nearby park so I could clean up his crate and Mel could give Vander a drink and have him do his biz.  He hopped out of that crate on the lead like he was at home already.  Happy and a very curious confident fellow.  Melanie bonded with Vander for 2 days before he came and then thankfully she spent a week with us here, which was the perfect transition as Vander was very fond of Melanie, and vice verse.  Melanie during the week taught Vander to love the water at the beach as well as our pool.  Thank you Melanie without you this would not have been possible.

Also many thanks to Sylke and Helga Werner for allowing me to have their precious boy.  He is everything I had hoped for and more.  He has fit in perfectly with our family.

Click here for Vander’s Pedigree, via Irena Pedigree site