Am GCH Sengalas Amelia McCrystal, PT

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HD: OFA Excellent
Thyroid Normal
Eyes Normal

OFA Cardiac Normal 

Eng ChSengalas Indiana Jones(Crufts2012 Grp2) x Eng ChPhilemon Secret Smile w/ Sengalas(Crufts2010 Grp3)

 6/13  Best in Sweeps – Amy Steltz, NCBCF (Northern California Regional, 6 mos old)

6/13 Winner’s Bitch & Best of Winners – Alice Bixler, NCBCF (29 entered- 5 pt Major)

8/13  Best in Sweeps – Pat Colombo, BCCC (Canadian National)

8/13 Winner’s Bitch and Best Puppy – Johan Andersson, BCCC (5 pt Major)

 8/13 Winner’s Bitch and Best Opposite Sex and Best Puppy – Ann Ingram (Ire), Purina National (5 pt Major)

10/13 Best Opposite Sweeps – Chet Jezierski, BCCA (American National)

10/13 AKC Herding Instinct Certificate HIC, BCCA  (American National)

11/13 American Herding Breed Association, New Herding Title JHD

12/13 Best Opposite Sex – Elizabeth Muthard, OC Space Coast  (5 pt Major over specials)

12/13 Winner’s Bitch & Best of Winner’s – Linda Moore, Sunshine SHS (Finished Am. Championship @ 12 mos)

12/13 Award of Merit #2 – David Powers, EUKANUBA (over specials & Crufts Qualifier 2014 & 2015)

9/14 AKC Pre-Trial Tested Herding Certificate PT

9/14 BIS & Multi Group Wins – Jean Pero, IABCA (National Championship)

10/14 Select – Sulie Greendale-Paveza, N. Cal Herding Group

10/14 Select – Joyce Vanek, Sac. Valley Dog F.

10/14 Select–  Annella Cooper, Sac. Valley Dog F.

11/14 Best Opposite Sex, BOBOH – Carolyn A. Herbel, Madera Cyn KC

11/14 Select, BOBOH Group 2 – Robert Shreve, Carolyn A. Herbel, Maderal Cyn KC

12/14 BOBOH, Group 1 – Kenneth Tank, Shoreline KC

2/15 Select – Robert Furth, Silver Bay KC

2/15 BOB – Sara Furth, Silver Bay KC (against 6 older competitive Specials)

5/15 BOBOH, Group 3- Gary Myers, Mt. Palomar Kennel Club

10/23/15 Select –  Dr. Sophia Kaluzniacki, Nor Cal Herding Group

10/24/15  BOS – Ms. Mary Anne Brocious, Sac Valley Dog Fanciers

10/25/15 BOS – Dr. Linda M. Fowler, Sac Valley Dog Fanciers   (GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP @ 3 years old)

12/7/15 BOB – Mr. John Wade, Malibu KC

4/1/16 Select – Mrs. Colleen Stoate BCCSC AM show (Regional)

4/1/16 BOS – Mr. Richard Stoate BCCSC PM show (Regional)

4/2/16 BOS – Mr. Houston Clark Kern County KC

5/29/16 BOS – Ms. Joanne N. Paulk Mission Circuit

5/30/16 BOS – Ms. Carolyn Herbel Mission Circuit

6/10/16 BOS – Mr. Robert Lamm,  Yosemite KC – NCBCF (Regional)

6/11/16 BOS – Mrs. Sulie Greendale-Paveza, Contra Costa Cty KC

6/12/16 BOS – Mrs. Patti Widick Neale, Contra Costa Cty KC

7/9/16 BOB – Ms. Sandra E. King, Santa Maria KC

7/10/16 BOB – Mrs. Patricia V. Trotter, Santa Maria KC

2/25/17 BOS – Mrs. June A. Penta, Silver Bay KC

2/26/17 Select – Mr. Harry H. (Butch) Schulman, Silver Bay KC

3/31/17 BOS – Mr. David Powers, BCCSC (Regional)

4/1/17 BOB/HERDING GROUP 1 – Ms. Gloria Kerr, Kern County KC (supported entry)

4/2/17 BOS – Mrs. Terry M. DePietro, Kern County KC

next show will be in June the NCBCF regional


A Special thank you to Valerie Nunez-Atkinson (assisted by Lauren Hay-Lavitt & Antonio Vidmar) for showing Amelia for the wonderful short 6 months in 2013.

Amelia finishing her Championship under Judge Linda Moore, Eukanuba December 13, 2013

Amelia has had her first litter in October of 2016, and is now showing with her “person” Lauren Hay-Lavitt”  Amelia and Lauren had a wonderful start in Bakersfield, winning Breed on Sat. April 1, 2017 and then going on to win the Herding Group.  Ever since Amelia has had her wonderful singleton pup “Everett” she is a touch more cheeky than usual.  <3

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