Welcome! Meet Amelia, foundation of McCrystal Beardies.

Our friend Ann and Baby Amelia

The McCrystal Beardies and our human family live in San Diego, California.

I bought my first Beardie, Aggie (Highlander MacAgatha)  in 2009, learned the dog show circuit, and made a lot of wonderful friends along the way.  I used to show horses, so I had some background that made it easier to show dogs.

I have had the honor of meeting and speaking with many breeders. What I admire most is a breeder who will always be there to support their puppy owners, help with research, give advice, and basically be a lifeline for any issue — no matter how big or small. I find the caring and support system invaluable, and as a good breeder, it is important to keep track of all the puppies and their welfare. This is my aspiration as I become a breeder for this wonderful breed.

How I came about the name McCrystal

Aggie and I went to Portland Jan. 2011 for the Rose City show and our breeder (Highlander) introduced us to Aggie’s sibling Lucy Ella and her owner Ann McCrystal.  There are people you meet in life that you instantly connect with, she was one of them.  She told me she was recovering from cancer and if it weren’t for her beardie Lucy Ella she would not have fought so hard.  Ann got all excited about my plans to go to England in 2012 to pick up a new puppy, Amelia.  At that time I asked if I could use her last name for my kennel name.  She was so touched that I would ask and happily agreed.  So of course, now she had a strong attachment to this new puppy and made a trip to San Diego to see her at 3 months old.  Then Ann’s cancer unfortunately came back.  I flew to Portland to spend a week with her to help since she was bed bound.  She passed on the last day of the 2013 National in her home.   Sadly, I found out that my friend Ann had been in and out of a coma during the whole week of the National (BCCA).  I had talked about her a lot and had the best time at the National that week.  She was one of those people that always made you feel welcome and very much loved.  I really felt Ann was not ready to leave because her spirit was having too much fun with Amelia and I.  I will always remember Ann’s kind generous spirit and loving heart.  To this day Amelia wears the St. Christopher’s medal she bought for her during the time this photo was taken.  Ann I think of you daily and feel your spirit watching over my precious beautiful Amelia. red-heart-clipart-k3891604



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