Click on the link below if you wish to keep up on all the lovely Beardies in the UK, go to “Show“, below a tab “Current” will pop up, click Current and go to the first drop down box “Schedule, results..2015..“, that will take you to all the past, current and future 2015 shows, and if critiques are ready, just click on critiques.  I enjoy these very much as many of Amelia’s relatives are actively showing.  Also below that link is the UK Bearded Collie Club link that also will have show results.

BCX UK Bearded Collie, click here for shows, results and critiques

UK Bearded Collie Club Show Calendar and Results 2015

InfoDog Superintendant

Westminster Kennel Club

AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

Irena Bearded Collies Pedigree Site

Australian Extended Breed Standard for the Bearded Collie

Amelia’s Sister Erin’s Website Clovabrae Bearded Collies UK


Amelia’s Sister Flair’s Website Emazenridge Bearded Collies UK


Amelia’s Aunt Kayla’s (Matilda’s sister) Website Beardiegirls Germany