CH Sengalas Amelia McCrystal, PT

In 2012, I researched breeders all over the world, looking for a foundation bitch. Finally, I found Sengalas in UK.  I waited for 1 year, and then Amelia was born.

I remember when I first brought her over, under my airplane seat from the UK. Even at the age of 8 weeks, she was very strong-willed. She didn’t want to stay in the Sherpa, but wanted to be free to visit with all of the other passengers in the cabin. During that long flight over (with a stopover in Toronto), we had many trips to the ladies’ room so she could stretch her little legs.

I have been very fortunate to have Amelia, as she has a very laid-back personality — but with a little impishness that makes me laugh every day! Amelia loves to be the center of attention. I do plan on breeding her to keep these lovely bloodlines going.

One of Amelia’s favorite things to do is sheepherding.  At 12 mos she received her AHBA JHD title.  Judge Ted Ondrak who has been herding for 27 years, said Amelia would have no problem getting her Started in Herding, said “she is a lovely dog.”  A few months later she acquired her AKC PT title.  Her next title in line is HT (Started) which requires more training.

Amelia had her first litter October 2016, singleton Everett.  Now she is back in the show ring with her person “Lauren Hay-Lavitt.”  Amelia will be selectively shown and we hope to breed her again sometime in the future.

A video of  Amelia’s first leg towards her JHD Title with her trainer Sara Goodman:


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