June 7th 2013 NCBCF (Sweeps), Judge Amy Steltz

6-9 Month Puppy Bitch

What a nice group of puppies. For such young babies they handled themselves so well in the heat and with all the crashing and banging a considerate exhibitor was creating with their wire crates at the next ring.

1st Sengalas Amelia McCrystal- Where to start- simply put I loved everything about her! From stem to stern she oozes quality. Gorgeous head with a classic, sensible Beardie expression. Long arching neck flows into beautifully constructed front and long level topline. Beautiful outline, neat tidy hocks, beautifully set tail. Substantially made but light and lithe on her feet, and beautifully balanced ground covering movement. Presented to perfection, hard to believe she is such a wee baby. I was delighted to award her Best In Sweeps– thank you for bringing her!

June 7 2013 NCBCF (Regional), Judge Alice Bixler

When it was the girls’ turn to strut their stuff, there was another wonderful surprise waiting in the 6-9 puppy class. Sengalas Amelia McCrystal sparkled her way into the ring and made it abundantly clear she was someone special. Her joie de vivre shimmered as she flowed around the ring. A strong but feminine

head atop an elegant neck. A commendable depth and width of chest for one so young. A firm and level topline over a substantial length of rib cage and short loin. Good angulation fore and aft. Tail nicely set and carried. Her presentation and grooming were pleasing to the eye. Though there were many other attractive and well-constructed bitches in the classes, I felt she was exceptional and made her Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and of course Best Puppy.

August 1st 2013 BCCC (Canadian National Sweeps), Judge Pat Colombo, Burlesque Beardies

Quite a package. Lots of bone,  a very mature outline and excellent pigment. This little girl walked into the ring with an attitude that said “Look at me” and belied her young age. A very balanced and easy mover with excellent layback of shoulders. My Best In Puppy Sweepstakes


August 2nd 2013 BCCC (Canadian National), Judge Johan Andersson, Allistair’s Bearded Collies, Sweden

Beautiful young female of excellent type.  Lovely head and expression.  Excellent top line.   Well angulated.  Very mature in body, strong bone.  Slightly sloping in croup.  Moves with a long ground covering flexible steps.  Very good coat for age.  Excellent presentation.  Nice temperament.  Winners Bitch, Best Puppy


October 1st 2013 BCCA (Sweeps National), Judge Chet Jezierski

A quality bitch with great forechest and a dark eye with lovely pigment.  She leaves an immediate impression of a great package.  From her strong head and soft expression, to her tidy rear, she possesses all the ingredients you would expect from watching her go around the ring.  Light on her feet with good proper movement, she asked for the overall win but was unfortunate to meet up with Best In Sweeps on the day.  It was close.  Best Opposite  Sex in Sweepstakes